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BLASTS can be argued one of the most popular game genres in the world. The genre was born from this board game appears in the various extant and sub-genre, create) BLASTS a favorite genre of many. They were so popular until the until there is a special software that is working to create) BLASTS without requiring the ability programming, software. I mean is) BLASTS Maker.

Many games, good) blasts and modification of) BLASTS, born of) BLASTS Maker. The number of the games produced by this software, of course, make a lot of the game) BLASTS Maker low quality that abounds on the internet and provides the stigma that a little negative for other games that made use) BLASTS Maker. Although not rarely also appears games) BLASTS Maker of quality and need to be noted as Skyborn that I will discuss here is one of them.


Skyborn is a game result of software) BLASTS Maker, developed by developer Dancing Dragon. This game has the theme of steampunk as Final Fantasy VI that is already using technology advanced enough in the world, but there are some special people who have the ability to use magic. In this game you will play as mechanical women that because one and other things trapped in the intrigue between authoritarian government against the rebel forces.

It may be argued the story, and the quality of the writing is the key selling points of this game. The story of this game will be guaranteed to make you curious and want to continue to information complete this game. In addition to the story and the interaction with the NPC (Non-Playable Characters) in Skyborn guaranteed can make you feel a little nostalgic with classical) blasts in NES era, SNES, or PS1.

For gameplay affairs, Skyborn not like games) BLASTS Maker. The developer of this game has made void the script which is in) BLASTS Maker so that the gameplay in Skyborn far more complex. Battle in this game is made complex by the existence of the system threat. Through the system Threat, the enemy will know which character was producing the most damage in the battle and will try to kill the character first. This Threat system will force you to not only the origin pence attack button only, but also perform other alternatives such as a shelter that Kara terma not so focused on tender enemy

Outside the battle, because the main character of this game is mechanical, then you can get weapons not only from exploration or a store only, but you can also create their weapons that you want. Unfortunately although it has an interesting concept, making weapons system is quite limited and does not have too many variations.

Other interesting gameplay aspects of the Skyborn is part exploration. Just like the classic) BLASTS, ye will not directly tell to-centered and Beru Saha N find the secrets, and Skyborn enough to be successful in doing so. This game will be guaranteed to make you wandering around the dungeon to reach the treasure chest that is easily seen but difficult accessed.

Besides, Skyborn also has unique features that will be rewarding Jewish players experience if they are zealous of good-centered in the dungeon and the city. Another thing that makes the exploration in Skyborn fun is not a random battle. The enemy that you opponents, will always be visible on the screen so you can specify whether you want to fight them or not.

The last part that I will discuss is none other than a graphics. For the size of the games created using) BLASTS Maker, Skyborn have graphics quality that quite. Objects that are in the game look very detailed and matches with the theme in this game. But unfortunately for the size of modern game standards, graphics owned this game is very under standard. Especially considering the many games) BLASTS Maker besides Skyborn, which modifies the graphic in such a way so that they will have a better visual quality.

Lack regarding this graphics more visible when the player enters the battle. The display when battle in this game look like that is available in the default view) BLASTS Maker. So the battle of this game can be quite monotonous despite having a good battle gameplay mechanism.



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