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To be honest I do not really follow the game Clash Royale Hack genre on iOS because I Clash Royale Hack gameplay on iOS is still limited and often they only sell from graphicnya side only. Take for example the new Shadowgun my review yesterday, although generally Shadowgun is still a Clash Royale Hack which is ok but throughout the game you do is find the switch, cover, shoot, find the switch, cover, shoot, find well … you got the idea. I need a Clash Royale Hack game that can recreate the feeling like I’m playing Clash Royale Hack on PC, and surprisingly Modern Combat 3 does that.

Modern Combat 3 is a great game and complete, and I am not exaggerating; with the size of 1.8 giga installed modern combat 3 contains all the features are similar to the world-class Clash Royale Hack pc games like call of duty. There are two main menus in this game is single player and multiplayer. Clash Royale Hack games skew the focus of it to other modes, single or multiplayer but modern combat 3 is a Clash Royale Hack game that truly balanced in its delivery of content, you get a single-player story is pretty solid and also one of the best Clash Royale Hack multiplayer games on iOS.

Because this game is big enough I would not comment on the story, so this review is not too long and I can focus on feature-feature cool game. Single player consists of 13 large missions, each mission range from 10-25 minutes. On average each mission you will be accompanied by other soldiers. What i love the most with the single player mode is that you will undergo different missions, ranging from maintaining the bridge by helicopter, run from the pursuing enemy using cars, skydiving, became a sniper to protect the team that is being infiltrated and others. In each mission will also be a lot of inserts that do not taste bland story, voice acting of the actors are also good and often crude humor interspersed with typical soldier.

I had previously been playing RAGE, NOVA, BattleField2, Shadowgun and some other Clash Royale Hack titles, and the similarities among them is the difficulty of aiming for opponents, indeed touchscreen will not be able to compete with the mouse but spend the time to shoot throughout the game is not something that is fun. Fortunately Modern Combat 3 has auto aim feature where you will be assisted aiming directly to the opponent, so you can focus more on the story and grapic steady. Although Auto Aim but nonetheless you have to drive out to nearby opponents and also auto aim does not work on an opponent who is moving so auto aim remains to make this game challenging.

It’s no secret that this game is inspired by the call of duty game, so if you’ve played call of duty and you will find many similarities, but modern combat 3 proved successful implementation of these features very well. In single player if you manage to kill an enemy you will earn points that you can spend to upgrade weapons or bullets and you can also add to this point through IAP (in app purchase) but calm myself never even upgrade anything and still be completed this game exciting.

Features multiplayer Modern Combat 3 arguably is a feature that is more favored than the single player. According gameloft live, there are about 2000 modern combat 3 players online so you would not run out of opponents. Digame multiplayer there are system level, where you will get more exp per kill the opponent. The higher your level the more weapons are also available. Oh yes you are required to create an account gameloft live to be able to play the multiplayer mode, this way your progress will also be saved in server.

There are seven multiplayer game modes ranging from Team Battle (Team vs Team), free for all, capture the flag to defusing bombs. And asiknya you can also create your own room and invite your friends to play. In the multiplayer game alone there are some 13 weapons, each weapon has different attributes to be different, there is a high damage but low mobility or good accuracy remains within less so far, this return to the style of play you. Everyone is allowed to carry one main weapon, 1 secondary weapon or handgun pistol, one grenade (there are 6 types of grenades from hand grenades to flashbang), 1 equipment and 1 skill.

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