Review Quadropus Rampage – Forget Endless Runner, It’s Time Endless Action!

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Quadropus Rampage is a game that is tacky, weird and takes time until you really understand what is actually happening. But once you understand the workings and the concept of this game then you can draw the conclusion that Quadrapus Rampage is one of the best free games you will ever play. Why? Read on ..


You will play as a four-legged octopus (it’s why is called Quadropus, Octopus = 8) who tries to chase and kill the enemy named Pete. You will start the game from the top level and continuing down to the lower level as you play. As you probably can already feel this is endless game, but do not equate such endless endless runner since the title was more suitable action.


In terms of control, my only comment is offensive Quadropus one that can only be done in four directions only. The rest of this game has a good quality presentation.

Pricing & IAP

Quadropus Rampage is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. There are IAP in this game, but you can forget it because it is not at all necessary. However strange, it actually makes me want to buy the IAP to support developers who have been so good to make this game for free without advertising and obligation to buy the IAP.

If you want to buy IAP in this game then I suggest you to buy IAP Orb Booster that will double every orb that you get so in the long term remains favorable (Rp. 20,000).


I really liked this one game and very easy to recommend it to you. Free game, exciting gameplay, lots of upgrades, IAPnya not at all pushy and no advertising. What more can you ask of a game, is not it?


Defeat all enemies in the level of the weapon will be the overall task of you in this game. Once finished you can go to the exit that will take you to the next level deeper. But uniquely, you will defeat the enemy through the weapons you hold. Do not expect a firearm or laser as a weapon would you use are the usual items ranging from wooden sticks, scissors, skulls, birds were tied, until a lemur who was perched on a log.

These weapons will you find when you manage to find the enemy and its variations are many and too strange. Each weapon has a mixed status, for example “Scissors cutters ego” will give you + 14HP, 10% and 5% run speed toughness while “Crazy Goat of North Korea” will give you + 86Dmg and also + 42% Critical Damage, and the weapons This one will make you swing goat toward the enemy.

Review Quadropus Rampage
Review Quadropus Rampage


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