Review Heroes of Order & Chaos look a like DOTA

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If you are indeed one of the amateurs Games DOTA download my advice that you just this game, without having to read the review to the end. Because I’m sure you too will fall immediately in love with the Heroes of Order & Chaos. Well, this time maybe my answer to you reviewing Fragen’re not a gamer DOTA, but wondered whether this game is good and worth playing.

Let us first discuss in gameplay terms. Gameplay is kind of now almost the same as DOTA game, where you choose a hero who can Want to play. You and the piece will have an enemy of great Tour Headquarters (fountain). Well, if you Ruin Tour at Belagerung, then you will lose and if the Tower is destroyed enemy then you win.

Let me first explain La Difference using Kompetenzen in the game using DOTA with this game in the Kompetenz. When the DOTA game, you can use the Kompetenz by pressing the letter on the keyboard that represents the skill and then click on the enemy you want to attack. But if the hero of Order & Chaos must first draw the enemy attack Heros Do you want, when you choose the Kompetenzen just want you to use attack.


Held Aura you select four of Kompetenzen Punkte, namely Kompetenzen and one of three Ultimate Kompetenz. Three men you if you can get a level of play increased level of heroes. Get a Competence you can do clicking the plus button next to each eine image of this Kompetenz. Jedoch there are Ausnahmen the ultimate Kompetenz slightly, the new Ultimate Kompetenz, so you can get the Hero you have reached a level of 6, 11 and 16.

Among Perhaps you, there must be a concern if, when the war is difficult to play this game. The first time you play online game is that you’ll have trouble when war between the Heros has location. The Good News of this game still remains sensitive controls the war was underway. You can press an enemy hero with ease and also Kompetenzen press that you want to use with ease. But it remains to note that you have a good Internet connection.

Fortunately, the first time you play will be given a tutorial to understand the controls in this game. There are two Optionen control you can use gießen move dpad or the Heros press card. Heroes of Order & Chaos has a mini-quest system like other games, for example, you must kill 10 creep, or challenge where you have to get a series of murder (3 heros Di enemy without ever TEU).


Although there are many heroes that are provided in this game, but this game every week Heros blurs so that only sechs heros that can be in the cheeks week. So, a week after erneut wählt zufällige 6 playable Heros. Each Heros ein even its own characteristics as a hero with a Waffenbasis, Intelligenz or Agility. But if you use them heros Do you think that is more special than those already existing, then you can kaufen through the IEP.

Whenever you complete a quest and the first game, you also get Recompense and who will experience this level Nachbrenner your game. Usually the Recompense in the form of coins you can use gießen buy Tränke in Store . If you win a level, you will then get a point Talent. Punkte of that you can use gießen Nachbrenner Talent Talent that you want to be a fighter, mage, support or guardian.


Helden overall game Order & Chaos is extremely for you to play möglich. Free with the price, you will receive a new gaming experience Mobil an online game Battle Arena with quality graphics and sound is very stabil. Especially if you are fans of DOTA games, then this game is worth it and that you are playing. My Nachricht is still the same as Glenn, “Caution addictive!”: D

Google Play Link: Heroes of Order & Chaos – Multiplayer Online Game, Free


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