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BLASTS can be argued one of the most popular game genres in the world. The genre was born from this board game appears in the various extant and sub-genre, create) BLASTS a favorite genre of many. They were so popular until the until there is a special software that is working to create) BLASTS without requiring the ability programming, software. I mean is) BLASTS Maker.

Many games, good) blasts and modification of) BLASTS, born of) BLASTS Maker. The number of the games produced by this software, of course, make a lot of the game) BLASTS Maker low quality that abounds on the internet and provides the stigma that a little negative for other games that made use) BLASTS Maker. Although not rarely also appears games) BLASTS Maker of quality and need to be noted as Skyborn that I will discuss here is one of them.


Skyborn is a game result of software) BLASTS Maker, developed by developer Dancing Dragon. This game has the theme of steampunk as Final Fantasy VI that is already using technology advanced enough in the world, but there are some special people who have the ability to use magic. In this game you will play as mechanical women that because one and other things trapped in the intrigue between authoritarian government against the rebel forces.

It may be argued the story, and the quality of the writing is the key selling points of this game. The story of this game will be guaranteed to make you curious and want to continue to information complete this game. In addition to the story and the interaction with the NPC (Non-Playable Characters) in Skyborn guaranteed can make you feel a little nostalgic with classical) blasts in NES era, SNES, or PS1.

For gameplay affairs, Skyborn not like games) BLASTS Maker. The developer of this game has made void the script which is in) BLASTS Maker so that the gameplay in Skyborn far more complex. Battle in this game is made complex by the existence of the system threat. Through the system Threat, the enemy will know which character was producing the most damage in the battle and will try to kill the character first. This Threat system will force you to not only the origin pence attack button only, but also perform other alternatives such as a shelter that Kara terma not so focused on tender enemy

Outside the battle, because the main character of this game is mechanical, then you can get weapons not only from exploration or a store only, but you can also create their weapons that you want. Unfortunately although it has an interesting concept, making weapons system is quite limited and does not have too many variations.

Other interesting gameplay aspects of the Skyborn is part exploration. Just like the classic) BLASTS, ye will not directly tell to-centered and Beru Saha N find the secrets, and Skyborn enough to be successful in doing so. This game will be guaranteed to make you wandering around the dungeon to reach the treasure chest that is easily seen but difficult accessed.

Besides, Skyborn also has unique features that will be rewarding Jewish players experience if they are zealous of good-centered in the dungeon and the city. Another thing that makes the exploration in Skyborn fun is not a random battle. The enemy that you opponents, will always be visible on the screen so you can specify whether you want to fight them or not.

The last part that I will discuss is none other than a graphics. For the size of the games created using) BLASTS Maker, Skyborn have graphics quality that quite. Objects that are in the game look very detailed and matches with the theme in this game. But unfortunately for the size of modern game standards, graphics owned this game is very under standard. Especially considering the many games) BLASTS Maker besides Skyborn, which modifies the graphic in such a way so that they will have a better visual quality.

Lack regarding this graphics more visible when the player enters the battle. The display when battle in this game look like that is available in the default view) BLASTS Maker. So the battle of this game can be quite monotonous despite having a good battle gameplay mechanism.


Newest Clash Royale Hack

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To be honest I do not really follow the game Clash Royale Hack genre on iOS because I Clash Royale Hack gameplay on iOS is still limited and often they only sell from graphicnya side only. Take for example the new Shadowgun my review yesterday, although generally Shadowgun is still a Clash Royale Hack which is ok but throughout the game you do is find the switch, cover, shoot, find the switch, cover, shoot, find well … you got the idea. I need a Clash Royale Hack game that can recreate the feeling like I’m playing Clash Royale Hack on PC, and surprisingly Modern Combat 3 does that.

Modern Combat 3 is a great game and complete, and I am not exaggerating; with the size of 1.8 giga installed modern combat 3 contains all the features are similar to the world-class Clash Royale Hack pc games like call of duty. There are two main menus in this game is single player and multiplayer. Clash Royale Hack games skew the focus of it to other modes, single or multiplayer but modern combat 3 is a Clash Royale Hack game that truly balanced in its delivery of content, you get a single-player story is pretty solid and also one of the best Clash Royale Hack multiplayer games on iOS.

Because this game is big enough I would not comment on the story, so this review is not too long and I can focus on feature-feature cool game. Single player consists of 13 large missions, each mission range from 10-25 minutes. On average each mission you will be accompanied by other soldiers. What i love the most with the single player mode is that you will undergo different missions, ranging from maintaining the bridge by helicopter, run from the pursuing enemy using cars, skydiving, became a sniper to protect the team that is being infiltrated and others. In each mission will also be a lot of inserts that do not taste bland story, voice acting of the actors are also good and often crude humor interspersed with typical soldier.

I had previously been playing RAGE, NOVA, BattleField2, Shadowgun and some other Clash Royale Hack titles, and the similarities among them is the difficulty of aiming for opponents, indeed touchscreen will not be able to compete with the mouse but spend the time to shoot throughout the game is not something that is fun. Fortunately Modern Combat 3 has auto aim feature where you will be assisted aiming directly to the opponent, so you can focus more on the story and grapic steady. Although Auto Aim but nonetheless you have to drive out to nearby opponents and also auto aim does not work on an opponent who is moving so auto aim remains to make this game challenging.

It’s no secret that this game is inspired by the call of duty game, so if you’ve played call of duty and you will find many similarities, but modern combat 3 proved successful implementation of these features very well. In single player if you manage to kill an enemy you will earn points that you can spend to upgrade weapons or bullets and you can also add to this point through IAP (in app purchase) but calm myself never even upgrade anything and still be completed this game exciting.

Features multiplayer Modern Combat 3 arguably is a feature that is more favored than the single player. According gameloft live, there are about 2000 modern combat 3 players online so you would not run out of opponents. Digame multiplayer there are system level, where you will get more exp per kill the opponent. The higher your level the more weapons are also available. Oh yes you are required to create an account gameloft live to be able to play the multiplayer mode, this way your progress will also be saved in server.

There are seven multiplayer game modes ranging from Team Battle (Team vs Team), free for all, capture the flag to defusing bombs. And asiknya you can also create your own room and invite your friends to play. In the multiplayer game alone there are some 13 weapons, each weapon has different attributes to be different, there is a high damage but low mobility or good accuracy remains within less so far, this return to the style of play you. Everyone is allowed to carry one main weapon, 1 secondary weapon or handgun pistol, one grenade (there are 6 types of grenades from hand grenades to flashbang), 1 equipment and 1 skill.

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Clash Royale Hack Gems Online

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The Clash Of Clans is a film that inspires me that the old-fashioned way (old style) can not be eliminated just after the modern way of coming replace. From the story in this film also reflected a strong spirit and a good strategy is needed in the civil Clash Royale Hack between the Samurai and Japanese Army. This inspiration is also raised in the Total Clash Royale Hack Battles: Shogun, a strategy game that lifted the golden era of ninja and samurai in Japan. This game is already present on the PC first, but trust me Total Clash Royale Hack Battle is not just a ported.

Total Clash Royale Hack Battles is a strategy game where you have to fight against the forces that betrayed Takeda. Instead of helping, Takeda ally even sent troops to defeat the chieftain. Of the attack, only son of the chief of the survivors, and he intends to beat Takeda to avenge his father. From this story exciting and fierce battle started and you should direct your troops will be various missions in the story. Looking into the game, you will be presented with a beautiful view of the medieval Japan with a hexagon shape on the floor resembling a honeycomb.

In terms of the shape of the floor 6 is how you will dihantar to a puzzle game to prepare the building as headquarters for producing all necessary ancillary buildings, Trading Post produces gold, Blacksmith producing iron, Lumber Yard producing wood and many other buildings that you can later use. Each building that too has its own added value, such as the Lumber Yard will produce more wood when placed near a tree, etc. You will learn to play this game of puzzle construct the building beforehand because eventually this will be very supportive in actual Clash Royale Hackfare.

Each level you play there are missions also that you have to finish, instead of just trying to attack to destroy the enemy, but there are times when you have to hang on, examples of the mission is to survive enemy attack by killing 20 troops, or attack and kill the generals opponents, and others. In the game itself you can build troops as you please and put it on the hexagon is still part of your power. AfterClash Royale Hackds you can control them to move forClash Royale Hackd, forClash Royale Hackd to the left and right, and eliminate the soldier. Unfortunately you will never be able to make the troops retreated.

In the early levels, each accomplishing the mission you will get new Clash Royale Hackriors that can be used at the next level. Of course, the soldiers have different abilities, with a description of the advantages and disadvantages that you can see with a long tap on the icon. I think it would be better if the SEGA presents a kind of encyclopedia that includes all the necessary information. In some mode level, you are also given the opportunity to train the skills of your strategy to try to exp mode at that level. Mission in exp level will become more difficult and you have to find the best strategy to win. His reClash Royale Hackd is xp you will grow and you can spend on the existing building so that the building is more efficient in the production process. For example Trading will increase gold production by 5%, etc.

Multiplayer system in the Total Clash Royale Hacks Battles limited only offline multiplayer where you together with your friends to play in one device with facing position, preparing the troops and then Clash Royale Hack, generals first to die will be the winner. I really hope in the next update will be available online multiplayer with more space, with this feature the game will look more exciting and challenging.

Total Clash Royale Hack Battles: Shogun fresh air for strategy game lovers. Graphic visualization, especially the gameplay is solid and fun where you have to organize the troops and smart to get around the placement of the building in terms of floor 6. The story in this game is also nice to be followed by a variety of exciting missions for you to complete. Overall, Total Clash Royale Hack Battles give the best to the fans of strategy games


HOT – animal jam codes for membership free

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animal-jam-codesAnimal Jam games with a first view of the person is a direct appeal to players with graphics colored eye candy and 3D animation is excellent, maybe the quality can be compared to renowned studios such as Pixar, and more for the style of animation that have similarities. Playable character selection quite varied. Each character is divided into four categories according to their best ability that attack, defense, support, and tank. In addition to its unique appearance, combat capability and weapons used by the Cartel of characters also vary. For example, there Tracer accented English woman who can jump in time, Winston genius gorilla who can speak, Widowmaker is a female sniper with the ability to be transparent, the Hanzo accomplished archer who came to the country cherry, and more.

Well game of gunfire between two teams of six members was announced from the players get additional new characters brings total hero you can play up to 21 characters! Who are the three new characters?

Mei Ling Zhou is a scientist who joined the fight with Cartel stronghold to save the nature of the dangers of environmental pollution. As a climate engineering has managed to create a tool to manipulate time in order to preserve nature. However, due to the snow storm trapped great when served on the Antarctic continent, Mei was forced to undergo a long winter sleep with Cartel of technology.

After many years he finally found his capsule. Active weather changed for the worse since dissolved Cartel which also led to natural rescue program termination. Therefore, armed with technology he created to manipulate time in May decided to explore the world on a mission to restore the environment.
animal-jam-codesMay was a character who excels in defense, it was equipped with creations Blaster endothermic. The weapon can freeze your opponent, do healing if taken to yourself, and the coolest thing is to make a wall of ice that could be the foundation of former teammates and a defense that can not penetrate the enemy. Kick specials throw drones that can emit a mini snow storm to freeze the area while limiting the movement and give damage to your opponent.

Korea has suffered from the threat of terrorism medadak mysterious creature emerges from the waters of the sea over the years. For them, the Korean government has also made a powerful drone called How to get free membership. The situation became more serious when this creature becomes stronger, so that the time for automatic weapons How to get free membership is not enough to deal with it and needed a dependable pilot landing.

Hana previous song is a gamer professional world championship title holders, also known as ‘animal jam’. It is very strong competitiveness to win every game and famous does not give forgiveness for his opponents.

Quick reflexes and ability to use technology in the aspect that interests the government to recruit animal jam its weaponry. Log on to the new game to defend the country witanimal-jam-codesh sophisticated robots animal jam codes ready to pour the various threats when broadcasting to fannya.

How to get free membership animal jam using sophisticated robots which makes a complete persenjataaan above the tank class. With two primary weapons Fusion Cannon cannon that can shoot without reloading but slightly slow down the movement when it is used, the high jump with a reminder and a perfect defense system to address the projectile came.

Kick specials animal jam is jumping out of the How to get free membership then jump. In addition, you can also be a struggle without giving How to get free membership dramatically increase the speed until you can drive a robot How to get free membership again.
Genji – No problems must maintain sacrifice for the sake of honor

Genji Shimada body part been replaced by machines do him a cyborg terkalahkan.Sebagai young master ninja clan Shimada fear not, Genji does not care about the state and tend to relax enjoying a lavish lifestyle. When finally the father who became head of the firm age clan,animal-jam-codes Hanzo his sister can not stand the attitude Genji and the debate ended in the battle of life and death between siblings.

Genji lost and almost dead when everyone believed that he could not be saved because of serious injuries. Hanzo-blind, Genji Cartel saved by offering a new body replaces the body that can not be used again in exchange for help Cartel fighting clan Shimada. Once transformed into a human weapon Genji ready to dismantle the criminal acts of his own family.

As a character offense Genji have all the more big ninja expertise of jet shuriken, swords powerful movements that can restore the bullets of the enemy, and agile ability to climb walls and jump in the air. Kick specials Genji is a mortal blow to beat all challengers who stand in his way.
Cartel currently can only be played closed beta for the Americas and Europe alone and in the future will be open also for the Asian region. The final game will be available June 21, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can view a collection of screenshots and a trailer for the new characters below.

Do you include the players who can not wait to try Cartel? Among the various existing trailer, whose character will be the favorite?

Tales of Zestiria – History saver

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Tales-of-Zestiria-Featured-images2] Tales of Zestiria assessment is rather difficult. On the one hand, this game many times, I feel angry because strange things or crazy throughout the game. But then, I also can not say that this ugly Thurs. Tales of Zestiria sucks, but I really love the game. The concept of a story in Tales of Zestiria I think is very interesting. The story is not only good against evil comics as a teenager. Something that looks nasty sometimes not all bad, and good looks were not entirely good. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so at the end of “good” and “evil”, it is just a matter of point of view only.

A great pity that this beautiful concept story that is not well delivered. Recurring dialogue or a scene that feels strange or weird. Sometimes scenes that should feel sad or poignant even ridiculous. There are also times that should be emotional, but so was memorable because plagued by bad action and crisp dialogue.

Curiously, the dialog that appears on the side of the stage can be enjoyed even more than the main story. Typical Tales series, you will find a large number skit in the middle of the game. I suspect that perhaps the scenario of this game was written by more than one person, and the author of dialogues sketch is getting better that the author of the main story.Despite many shortcomings, overall, I’m satisfied with the tales of the history of Zestiria. Moments ugly there paid enough with nice times. War in the basin Glaivend probably one of the most bad-ass scenes of the Tales series I’ve ever played, and given the successful end makes me suddenly.
Tales of Zestiria is probably an experimental form of Namco Bandai to create stories rather westernized. It can be seen from the fact that the world resembles the open world (even if it is not), a moral gray touching story, and the loot system is more like a Western RPG JRPG that.
This experience could be considered a success, but also troublesome. World Wide means that many places to explore, but you spend a lot of time just to walk from one place to another. There are features quick travel, but you have to pay with money that is not little. Driving around between cities to complete sidequests can be poor!

A unique feature in this game is Armatization, where the two merge into one knight character is very strong. This technique can be used for maTales-of-Zestiria-Featured-images6ny things, such as HP healing, eliminate bad situation, revive a dead comrade. This makes the fight has become more varied strategies. If you want to experiment, the battle system Tales of Zestiria deep enough to be explored.
Do not stop there, Tales of Zestiria very annoying because in this game NO shortcut button. Want to tell a friend to attack with a spell? Please open the menu, and then choose to specify manually. Need heal quickly but it was busy attacking the combo? First Stop yes, go to the first menu.

I am a bit frustrated by the battle system Tales Zestiria. Many new elements that make it exciting, but on the other hand the basic things normally in the same series Tales disappear. Shame the same dong Tales of Hearts R. Maybe the Tales-of-Zestiria-Featured-images5story and graphics are not as chic as Tales of Zestiria but Tales of Hearts R had an advanced and quick combat, with twenty shortcut that you can access, and like Gambit AI system in Final Fantasy XII.

The gameplay is somewhat disappointing, but not with the presented audiovisual. Tales of Zestiria has a graphical look very pretty with bright colors. Animated characters are also looking supple and fresh, making the fight is always exciting to watch.
Slight defects on the display environment. If you look carefully you will see that the environment in this game uses a 3D model of a low-poly enough. But it is not so disturbing because the overall visual appearance still animates stylish. Every now and then you will be treated to a high quality movie clips ufotable works, and what works depict important scenes with very stable.

In terms of music, Tales of Zestiria may include Tales with the best musical compositions. The music in this game was made by the duo Motoi Sakuraba and Go Shiina, and they have managed to create beautiful songs to accompany your adventure. Try it you listen Temple background music fire, which qualify Wild Arms like this, or background music Water Temple, a beautiful and serene.

Overall, Tales of Zestiria not a bad game. The story is quite interesting and quite exciting battle to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, he is disturbed by the many gameplay elements that sucks. I always recommend this game if you are a fan of storytelling, but the truth is there still a lot of the most interesting stories.Tales-of-Zestiria-Featured-images3Although many things that I complain, I really enjoyed myself this game. Can play Tales of Zestiria can be compared to eating watermelon seeds. His skin was hard to peel, it feels normal, do a little and not be satisfied, but somehow when he started eating difficult to stop.

Tales of Zestiria is a strange play. Some call it one of the best stories of all time, it is also considered the worst in generations Tales PS3. If you played Tales of Zestiria? How are your impressions after playing? Share your experience in comments Yes!

Review Heroes of Order & Chaos look a like DOTA

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If you are indeed one of the amateurs Games DOTA download my advice that you just this game, without having to read the review to the end. Because I’m sure you too will fall immediately in love with the Heroes of Order & Chaos. Well, this time maybe my answer to you reviewing Fragen’re not a gamer DOTA, but wondered whether this game is good and worth playing.

Let us first discuss in gameplay terms. Gameplay is kind of now almost the same as DOTA game, where you choose a hero who can Want to play. You and the piece will have an enemy of great Tour Headquarters (fountain). Well, if you Ruin Tour at Belagerung, then you will lose and if the Tower is destroyed enemy then you win.

Let me first explain La Difference using Kompetenzen in the game using DOTA with this game in the Kompetenz. When the DOTA game, you can use the Kompetenz by pressing the letter on the keyboard that represents the skill and then click on the enemy you want to attack. But if the hero of Order & Chaos must first draw the enemy attack Heros Do you want, when you choose the Kompetenzen just want you to use attack.


Held Aura you select four of Kompetenzen Punkte, namely Kompetenzen and one of three Ultimate Kompetenz. Three men you if you can get a level of play increased level of heroes. Get a Competence you can do clicking the plus button next to each eine image of this Kompetenz. Jedoch there are Ausnahmen the ultimate Kompetenz slightly, the new Ultimate Kompetenz, so you can get the Hero you have reached a level of 6, 11 and 16.

Among Perhaps you, there must be a concern if, when the war is difficult to play this game. The first time you play online game is that you’ll have trouble when war between the Heros has location. The Good News of this game still remains sensitive controls the war was underway. You can press an enemy hero with ease and also Kompetenzen press that you want to use with ease. But it remains to note that you have a good Internet connection.

Fortunately, the first time you play will be given a tutorial to understand the controls in this game. There are two Optionen control you can use gießen move dpad or the Heros press card. Heroes of Order & Chaos has a mini-quest system like other games, for example, you must kill 10 creep, or challenge where you have to get a series of murder (3 heros Di enemy without ever TEU).


Although there are many heroes that are provided in this game, but this game every week Heros blurs so that only sechs heros that can be in the cheeks week. So, a week after erneut wählt zufällige 6 playable Heros. Each Heros ein even its own characteristics as a hero with a Waffenbasis, Intelligenz or Agility. But if you use them heros Do you think that is more special than those already existing, then you can kaufen through the IEP.

Whenever you complete a quest and the first game, you also get Recompense and who will experience this level Nachbrenner your game. Usually the Recompense in the form of coins you can use gießen buy Tränke in Store . If you win a level, you will then get a point Talent. Punkte of that you can use gießen Nachbrenner Talent Talent that you want to be a fighter, mage, support or guardian.


Helden overall game Order & Chaos is extremely for you to play möglich. Free with the price, you will receive a new gaming experience Mobil an online game Battle Arena with quality graphics and sound is very stabil. Especially if you are fans of DOTA games, then this game is worth it and that you are playing. My Nachricht is still the same as Glenn, “Caution addictive!”: D

Google Play Link: Heroes of Order & Chaos – Multiplayer Online Game, Free

Review Quadropus Rampage – Forget Endless Runner, It’s Time Endless Action!

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Quadropus Rampage is a game that is tacky, weird and takes time until you really understand what is actually happening. But once you understand the workings and the concept of this game then you can draw the conclusion that Quadrapus Rampage is one of the best free games you will ever play. Why? Read on ..


You will play as a four-legged octopus (it’s why is called Quadropus, Octopus = 8) who tries to chase and kill the enemy named Pete. You will start the game from the top level and continuing down to the lower level as you play. As you probably can already feel this is endless game, but do not equate such endless endless runner since the title was more suitable action.


In terms of control, my only comment is offensive Quadropus one that can only be done in four directions only. The rest of this game has a good quality presentation.

Pricing & IAP

Quadropus Rampage is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. There are IAP in this game, but you can forget it because it is not at all necessary. However strange, it actually makes me want to buy the IAP to support developers who have been so good to make this game for free without advertising and obligation to buy the IAP.

If you want to buy IAP in this game then I suggest you to buy IAP Orb Booster that will double every orb that you get so in the long term remains favorable (Rp. 20,000).


I really liked this one game and very easy to recommend it to you. Free game, exciting gameplay, lots of upgrades, IAPnya not at all pushy and no advertising. What more can you ask of a game, is not it?


Defeat all enemies in the level of the weapon will be the overall task of you in this game. Once finished you can go to the exit that will take you to the next level deeper. But uniquely, you will defeat the enemy through the weapons you hold. Do not expect a firearm or laser as a weapon would you use are the usual items ranging from wooden sticks, scissors, skulls, birds were tied, until a lemur who was perched on a log.

These weapons will you find when you manage to find the enemy and its variations are many and too strange. Each weapon has a mixed status, for example “Scissors cutters ego” will give you + 14HP, 10% and 5% run speed toughness while “Crazy Goat of North Korea” will give you + 86Dmg and also + 42% Critical Damage, and the weapons This one will make you swing goat toward the enemy.

Review Quadropus Rampage
Review Quadropus Rampage